-made -made [meɪd] adjective
made in a particular country or type of place:

• sales of British-made equipment

• Using factory-made precast sections gives us additional speed in construction.

* * *

-made suffix
produced in a particular way or place: »

On the bottom of the watch it said 'Swiss-made'.


Local companies are finding it hard to compete against cheaper foreign-made products.


We use factory-made parts that are assembled on site.


They sell a range of freshly-made sandwiches.

See also CUSTOM-MADE(Cf. custom-made), HANDMADE(Cf. ↑handmade), HOMEMADE(Cf. ↑homemade), MACHINE-MADE(Cf. ↑machine-made), MAN-MADE(Cf. ↑man-made), READY-MADE(Cf. ↑ready-made), SELF-MADE(Cf. ↑self-made), TAILOR-MADE(Cf. ↑tailor-made)

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